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Inground Pool Electrical Safety

Every Pool Owner Should Know Swimming pool electrocution may be a rare occurrence, but that’s small comfort to the families that have been forever changed by it. Electrical Safty for your pool is very important. Swimming pool electrical safety The CPSC has reported 14 deaths from electrocution in swimming pools during 2003-2014. The cause can be […]


7 Corrosive Culprits around the Pool

7 ways you could be slowly eroding and corroding pool surfaces and equipment. 7 corrosive culprits that are eating away at your soft and shiny pool surfaces.   1. High Chlorine Excessively high levels of chlorine certainly kills harmful bacteria and other nasties in your pool water but it is especially harmful to your solar […]


Dogs in Pools? Pros and Cons…

    Should you encourage your dog to swim, or uphold a no dogs allowed rule? Can dogs swim in the pool safely? Here’s tips and cautions about swimming dogs. The Benefits of Swimming For Your Dog: Just like for people, swimming for dogs is a great, low-impact total body workout. Swimming is simple exercise […]


How Often Should I Drain My Pool?

Do you really need to drain your pool? How often should I drain my pool? Despite most pools having a filtration system, most pools need to be drained and refilled on occasion. But why should you drain your pool? When should you? How often? Below, we’ll give you quick tips on the when, where, why, […]