Pool covers are a great addition to any pool that needs regular maintenance. It helps to keep savings within manageable levels. In fact, pool covers help to reduce the money spent on chemicals by as much as 70%. Also, the covers reduce water evaporation by 80%. In addition to these, the covers reduce filter run time substantially; hence, helping you to keep your electricity usage within manageable levels. It saves heating costs by up to 80 percent too.

Pool covers increase the lifespan of any swimming pool component that you install.

Below are reasons for investing in and installing pool covers in your Southwest Florida home.

Make the Pool a Fun-Filled Place

Some pool covers are user-friendly. They are easy to use. The market is also replete with hard-to-use covers. Therefore, spend time searching the ones you’re likely to feel most comfortable using. In this regard, pool covers are essential for making your pool enjoyable to swim in at any given moment. Also, they increase the value of your property substantially, which is a good thing if you plan to sell it.

Reduce Cleaning Time

As previously stated, SWFL pool covers are some of the most effective tools for keeping the swimming pool clean. Installing the covers allows you (and everybody else) to enjoy the time spent swimming in the pool. Additionally, the time you (or any hired hand) spends cleaning the pool reduces significantly when you install the covers. A cover is a powerful tool for inhibiting the growth of algae. Apart from that, the covers are also ideal for:

  1. keeping dust and debris out of the Naples pool
  2. reducing pool contamination

Isolate and Protect Water from Isolation

Pool covers also make the swimming pool safer by isolating and protecting the water from all pollutants. The best covers are capable of supporting the weight of more than two fully grown adults. A pool cover reminds everybody that the pool is currently off-limits and unavailable for use. It discourages unpermitted use of the pool better than an unlatched gate could ever do. It’s worth stating that pool covers are genuine green solutions or products.


Protect the Family and Other Users Adequately

Safety covers offer your family (and any other person who uses the swimming pool) adequate protection. They are sufficiently strong to hold the weight of any person who walks over them. Because of their sturdiness, safety covers are the ideal protection in homes that are full of children or pets. Take care not to install pool covers that have water bags since these are often overwhelmed with snow during winter, which often becomes a safety hazard.

Therefore, ask  Pinnacle USA experts for more details on installing pool covers.