Commercial Pool Design and Construction

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Commercial Pool Design and Construction Here at Pinnacle USA, Inc. we design and construct many commercial pools, spas, & fountains every year along Florida’s Gulf Coast! Whether it be a community pool for a new housing development, apartment…

Summer fun is almost here

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With Memorial Day 2018 just around the corner it means your summer activities and pool parties are about to begin. Kick off the weekend with these party pre-checks: Safety checking your pool Outdoor protection Proper supervision …

The History of the Swimming Pool

The History of Swimming Pools Have you ever wondered how swimming pools came to be? You may be surprised to know that the first known swimming pool dates back almost 5,000 years. What we know today as swimming pools didn’t really become popular…

Is Too Much Chlorine Bad For Your Pool?

Is Too Much Chlorine Bad For Your Pool? Have you ever found yourself in a position where you added way too much chlorine in your pool? Majority of people have done it. For most it’s accidental and for some, it’s intentional in the hopes…

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