With Memorial Day 2018 just around the corner it means your summer activities and pool parties are about to begin. Kick off the weekend with these party pre-checks:

  • Safety checking your pool
  • Outdoor protection
  • Proper supervision
  • What to do in bad weather

Checking the Water & Equipment

This summer we recommend you do a safety check of your pool and spa equipment to ensure that everything is safe. First you should always check your water levels to make sure they are where they should be. Next is to make sure the chemistry of the water is safe to swim in; the color of the water is a big indication that something is wrong. lastly, look over your pool equipment to make sure everything is running properly.  If you happen to notice something concerning, please contact a professional to help diagnose the issue.

Call Pinncacle USA Service department @ (239) 216-8020 for needed assistance


Summer sunscreen is important

Layers of Protection

Summer months in Florida can be “HOT” you should always remember to keep layers of protection when out in that
burning sun. Here in Florida we are no strangers to sunburns and those painful burns can cause permanent damage or worse.
Don’t get fooled by lack of sunshine, even on cloudy days you can still get burnt. It’s always a good idea to keep that sunscreen handy.

Click here to read more on webmd.com


watch your children in the pool this summer

Keep an Eye on

We know that children will be having fun in the pool this summer so there is nothing more important than responsible adult supervision for their safety. You can work on that tan while keeping an eye on them as well. Another thing to do is check your child barrier fence, if you have one make sure there are no open latches for your little ones to sneak through.



summer bad weather
Be Alert to the Weather!

Always remember if you happen to hear thunder it’s time to stay out of the water. Even if you don’t hear thunder and its just raining, it isn’t worth the risk! so get out and stay safe under cover. Storms generally pass quickly in Florida, so you will more than likely be able to get back to that enjoyable fun in the water in a short time.

To keep an eye on summer weather in your area Click Here



Dog in pool on float in the summer

Make sure to get those floats and pool toys ready, summer fun is finally here!

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