Pinnacle USA, Inc has been Involved with Bark-A-Que for the past six years. Bark-A-Que is an annual fundraiser hosted by and to benefit Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs. Proceeds will help us continue our mission of raising, training and donating individually-trained medical service dogs to veterans, first responders and other deserving recipients in need.

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Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is on a mission to change the future for our Veterans, First-Responders, and others who are struggling with disabilities including PTS, Traumatic Brain Injury, seizure disorders and mobility issues. By raising, training and then donating individually-trained medical service dogs to these deserving individuals, we can change the course of their future – not only for the recipient, but for their spouses, children, parents and communities as well.

The freedom, independence and relief that Service Dogs can provide is simply incredible. The results are undeniable. You may know the sad statistic that 20-22 veterans with PTS are taking their own lives every day. It’s a statistic that must change, and can. Since our founding in 2010, we have paired over 200 amazing service dogs; and once paired with a Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog, the rate of suicide is zero.

There is no government funding for medical service dogs. We raise every dollar necessary to complete the nearly 2 years of training that each dog requires. We also raise the funds to bring our recipients to our headquarters in Williston, Florida for pairing. Because virtually all of our recipients are on disability, we know it would be nearly impossible for them to cover the $22,000 it takes to care for, train and pair these incredible dogs. We hope you will join us in changing the lives of our heroes. Because Together, We can Unleash the Power to Heal.

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