Is Too Much Chlorine Bad For Your Pool?

Is Too Much Chlorine Bad For Your Pool?

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you added way too much chlorine in your pool? Majority of people have done it. For most it’s accidental and for some, it’s intentional in the hopes that more chlorine will be better for the disinfection of the pool. In truth, too much chlorine is actually bad for you and for the pool.

How too much chlorine affects you and the pool

Over-chlorination in pool water has been known to cause skin, eye and lung irritation as well as provoking asthma. Aside from that, there is the risk of chlorine poisoning from the excessive inhalation of the toxic fumes released from over-chlorination. This is because of the existence of chloramines in the water, which lower the pH of water considerably and result in increased water acidity. This is also what damages your pool. Too much acidity in the water results in corrosion of pipes, which accelerates their wear and undermines the structural integrity of your Naples pool construction.

Pool water test kit in hand

How much is too much?

The amount of chlorine that you add to your pool is dependent on the amount of water in the pool. You can’t just eyeball it and hope to get the right amount. Before you start chlorinating the water in your Naples pool, you should have an expert come and give you the measurements and explain how best to chlorinate your pool. Having said that, what exactly should one do if they suspect that they added a little too much chlorine?

What to do in the event of over-chlorination

The first step is to be sure that there is indeed over-chlorination. For this, you should do a pH test and a chlorine level test. If both tests are in the ballpark, then you can rest easy. However, if the tests prove that you’ve added a little too much chlorine, you should take steps to mitigate this. Keep in mind that the steps are dependent on the severity of the situation.

  • Uncover the pool

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t add more chlorine to the pool at this point. Instead, you should uncover your pool and let it soak in the sunlight. The UV radiation is known to destroy chlorine, thereby reducing its levels and toxicity in the water.

  • Chemically neutralize it

The next step should be the addition of chemicals that neutralize the chlorine such as Sodium Thiosulfate. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t add too much of these chemicals lest you neutralize all the chlorine.


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What Essential Swimming Pool Equipment Should You Have?

Swimming pools are fun but maintaining them is quite some work. You need essential supplies and equipment to keep the pool hygienic and in functioning shape. You also need equipment to keep the pool safe and emergency equipment in case of accidents. SWFL pool construction experts say that it is highly recommended that you get this equipment and supplies.

Pool sanitizers

The swimming pool makes a good habitat for bacteria, algae and parasites. Pool sanitization materials can be chemical or non-chemical. The most common material used to make chemical sanitizers is chlorine and bromine. They come in form of powder, pellets and granules.

You can buy a pool dispenser to make administering these sanitizers easier and more uniform in the water such that they reach all the corners of the pool.

Pool skimmers

This is a must-have tool. It is used to scoop out leaves and other floating debris. The best design has a telescopic pole to extend its reach, and a fine mesh at the end to get pebble size debris.

Water pump and filter

While you can use a skimmer to take out larger debris in the water, you will need finer filter to get the small particles. There are different water filters with different gauges.  For the filtration to work better, you need a pump to circulate the water through the filter. Naples pool construction experts say that a standard sized pool can be filtered by the typical pump in 10 hours or so.

Pool covers and nets

SWFL spa construction professionals say that installing a pool cover can reduce cleaning work by as much as 70%. The cover is an effective barrier against falling debris like leaves. It also keeps out wind-blown dust and sand. A pool cover is also a very effective pool safety feature as it can prevent people and animals falling into the water. The different pool covers available include:

  • Safety covers – These covers are designed to hold weight and make a strong barrier. They come in meshed or solid impermeable form.
  • Leaf nets – These are light nets that can be laid and uncovered fast designed to keep away light debris.
  • Solar pool covers – These covers have an added advantage in warming the water. They also prevent excessive evaporation and help maintain warmth into the cold season.

Emergency equipment

To mitigate the risks of drowning, emergency equipment is needed. This includes water rescue equipment like life hooks, rescue cans, reaching poles, and floaters. You also need an emergency responder’s kit as well as a phone to summon emergency help.

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Top Swimming Pool Accessories to Increase Value

Has your pool become boring and it has been weeks since you got into the water, or you feel that it looks too bland and could do with some accessorizing? SWFL pool construction experts say that accessorizing your pool adds value to the overall home price in addition to heightened pleasure at the pool. Before accessorizing, it is important to be aware of the regulations that apply. With that out of the way, what are some of the top accessories for your pool?

Robot cleaner

If you clean the pool yourself, it must be one pain you look forward to with apprehension. But there is no way out; the pool must stay clean. However, you can make this painless by letting a machine work for you. Automatic pool cleaners are typically designed to clean the floor of the pool but some models can work on the sides too.

Solar cover

SWFL spa construction experts say that installing a heating system in a pool is an expensive undertaking which can be avoided by installing a solar cover. The cover works by taking in the heat from the sun and retaining it, and directing it into the water. A solar cover can raise the water temperature by as much as 8°C. The cover has an added advantage in preventing water evaporation and reducing the need to top up and add cleaning chemicals. You will also save a lot in terms energy bills.

Slides and diving boards

Slides and diving boards add an element of fun to the pool by making different water games possible. Pool and spa construction professionals say that it is relatively cheap to install these features as you can get plastic slides and diving boards.

Swimming machine

Want to better your swimming skills? A swimming machine is what you need. This machine pushes water at you at different speeds. Some can stream over 1 million of water per hour.   A swimming machine gives an experience just like you would in a pool with larger dimensions.

Swimming pool lights

Make your neighbors envious with underwater swimming pool lights. Naples pool experts say that there are affordable fiber encased underwater lights that can be easily installed.   Lighting adds a huge aesthetic appeal to the pool. The pool can also be used even at night.

It is important to consider the dimensions of your pool before picking pool accessories. The shape of the pool must also be taken into account when placing your accessories. It is also highly recommended that the installation be done by pool experts.


How to Keep Your Pool Clean Without Chemicals

Pool and spa construction experts say that many pool owners prefer chemical sanitizers because they are easy to use and cheap. Chemical sanitizers have been linked to negative reactions in swimmers including skin, eyes, and nose irritation.  Some people will also suffer respiratory complications when they inhale chemically treated water. They also form toxins called Disinfectant by-products (DPI) when they bind onto organic matter like hair. The alternative is to keep the pool clean by non-chemical methods. Which are these methods?

Installing a pool cover

A pool cover forms a barrier protecting the water from falling debris and other wind-blown debris like papers, dust and sand particles. It is also very effective in preventing accidents by keeping birds, small animals and pets falling into the water.

SWFL pool construction professionals say that installing a pool cover will reduce cleaning work by as much as 70%. There are different types of pool covers some even designed to use sunshine to heat the pool.

Using a robot cleaning

A robot cleaner can keep the pool clean by working at close intervals. Automatic pool cleaners are very useful for cleaning the pool floor which is normally difficult to do when the pool is full of water. It can be programmed to work at night or when the pool is not in use.

Growing natural moss

Natural moss is a living organism. It feeds on water algae and fungi. This keeps the water clear of these two organisms that make the water greenish when they are in high levels in the pool. Many pool experts recommend Sphagnum moss which does not muddy the water.  Using natural moss   can complement landscaping very well.

Natural water plants

Aquatic plants serve two purposes. They filter the water when it passes through the roots, and release oxygen into the water making it healthier to swim in. This natural method of cleaning the pool can be implemented by growing the plants in a separate space where the water can be pumped through.

Ionization sanitization

Ionization is the process of passing a charge through water using opposite charge points. This releases ions into the water. These ions bind onto the micro-organisms in the water which changes their structure and kills then off. Copper and zinc are the most commonly used metals in ionization. The copper in the water gives it a greenish hue.

Ozone sanitization

Naples spa construction experts say that ozone sanitization is the most powerful non-chemical method of keeping a pool clean. This works by adding an extra oxygen atom to the oxygen molecule. Any micro-organism coming into contact with these ozone molecules dies as the ozone causes physio-chemical changes in the organism’s structure.

Using a combination of two or three of these methods can keep your pool completely clean without chemicals. Your swimming experience will be vastly improved.


Top 4 Supplies Needed for Cleaning the Pool and Spa

Keeping the Naples pool or spa clean has several benefits. For starters, it helps to keep the pool safe for everybody. Also, it eliminates all the hazards associated with dirty pools. To enjoy these benefits, you need a few essential supplies for cleaning swimming pools. Obviously, these supplies will not be necessary when you hire a professional cleaner. The reason for this is professional cleaners report for work with their supplies.

So, what are the four essential pool cleaning supplies worth investing in?

Water Testing Kits

The kits are mandatory for determining if the pool needs pH or Chlorine balancers. The kits are easy to use because they come with manuals containing instructions that are easy to follow. The instructions often revolve around using tubes to collect water. Thereafter, you drop a few chemicals inside the water. Use the water testing kits daily to confirm that the pool water is well balanced and clean. Ask the pool and construction experts for more information on these kits.


Although filters are great cleaning tools, they are incapable of doing some work. For example, they can never remove large debris, such as huge leaves, that fall into the pool water. Invest in a few top skimmers. Use the skimmers each morning to remove any debris that fell inside the pool the previous night. You don’t have to hire a professional cleaner to remove the debris with skimmers. Give these tools to your kids to use so they also have a sense of ownership.

Shock Products

Shock products are among some of the most essential pool cleaning supplies in any Naples home. At times, the pool water requires a bit of a shock. Even if the chemical and water testing kits reveal that the levels of pH and chlorine in the pool are not worth fretting over, you should not hesitate to shock the pool water as required. The right time for shocking the pool water is right at the beginning of each new season. Additional shocking is essential in case:

  1. an accident occurs
  2. algae appears


Skimmers help in keeping the surface of the pool water clean. Vacuums, on the other hand, are ideal for cleaning and removing all dirt that finds its way to the bottom of the pool. However, learn how to use the vacuums first. There is a right technique for using them. Start vacuuming from the deep end before making your way to the shallow end. Move the vacuum slowly from one row to the next.

Start from the back to the front, before going from the front to the back. Repeat this technique.


Why Pool Covers Offer More than Pool Maintenance Benefits

Pool covers are a great addition to any pool that needs regular maintenance. It helps to keep savings within manageable levels. In fact, pool covers help to reduce the money spent on chemicals by as much as 70%. Also, the covers reduce water evaporation by 80%. In addition to these, the covers reduce filter run time substantially; hence, helping you to keep your electricity usage within manageable levels. It saves heating costs by up to 80 percent too.

Pool covers increase the lifespan of any swimming pool component that you install.

Below are reasons for investing in and installing pool covers in your Southwest Florida home.

Make the Pool a Fun-Filled Place

Some pool covers are user friendly. They are easy to use. The market is also replete with hard-to-use covers. Therefore, spend time searching the ones you’re likely to feel most comfortable using. In this regard, pool covers are essential for making your pool enjoyable to swim in at any given moment. Also, they increase the value of your property substantially, which is a good thing if you plan to sell it.

Reduce Cleaning Time

As previously stated, SWFL pool covers are some of the most effective tools for keeping the swimming pool clean. Installing the covers allows you (and everybody else) to enjoy the time spent swimming in the pool. Additionally, the time you (or any hired hand) spends cleaning the pool reduces significantly when you install the covers. A cover is a powerful tool for inhibiting the growth of algae. Apart from that, the covers are also ideal for:

  1. keeping dust and debris out of the Naples pool
  2. reducing pool contamination

Isolate and Protect Water from Isolation

Pool covers also make the swimming pool safer by isolating and protecting the water from all pollutants. The best covers are capable of supporting the weight of more than two fully grown adults. A pool cover reminds everybody that the pool is currently off-limits and unavailable for use. It discourages unpermitted use of the pool better than an unlatched gate could ever do. It’s worth stating that pool covers are genuine green solutions or products.

Protect the Family and Other Users Adequately

Safety covers offer your family (and any other person who uses the swimming pool) adequate protection. They are sufficiently strong to hold the weight of any person who walks over them. Because of their sturdiness, safety covers are the ideal protection in homes that are full of children or pets. Take care not to install pool covers that have water bags since these are often overwhelmed with snow during winter, which often becomes a safety hazard.

Therefore, ask pool and construction experts for more details on installing pool covers.

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Pool Cleaning and Maintenance – Why it Must Be Done Weekly

Many pool owners believe that pool maintenance should be a once-in-a-month thing. The truth is that pool cleaning and maintenance should be done as regularly as possible. In fact, making it a weekly routine would be great. A good pool is a clean pool. A safe pool is a well maintained pool. Regular cleaning keeps the chemical makeup of the pool at optimum levels all the time. This is not to say that keeping a pool properly maintained is an easy job.

The fact that pool maintenance is time consuming justifies hiring pool and construction experts to do it. The task takes a lot of time and effort. Experts know how to troubleshoot problems.  They provide solutions on the spot. They have no reason for referring any issue to other professionals. The experts provide weekly services, which are equally essential for identifying problems and providing effective solutions early enough.

The reasons for weekly pools SWFL cleaning include:

Improves Pool Appearance

Weekly cleaning in Naples improves the appearance of the pool. Weekly cleaning provides the chance for checking and balancing all chemicals in the pool. A dirty or contaminated swimming pool is unsightly and hazardous. Nobody, including your family and closest friends, would want to swim in such an unsightly pool. Make sure that you complete pool maintenance and cleaning ahead of time – preferably before guests show up and jump in for a swim.

Improves Pool Longevity

Weekly cleaning is ideal for the longevity of not only the Southwest Florida pool but also all the equipment. The pool water is capable of becoming corrosive and dangerous to anybody taking a swim. Many times, corrosive water ends up damaging the pool. Ultimately, you will spend a lot of money repairing the damages. However, weekly maintenance (including cleaning) saves you from replacing or repairing certain parts of the pool such as the steps or handrails.

Weekly cleaning puts your mind at ease by keeping your pool in excellent shape.

Improves Pool Safety

Weekly cleaning is also essential for improving pool safety. Safety concerns are common in dirty pools. Incorrect balancing of chemicals in the swimming pool often leads to accidents. Expert cleaners offer superb cleaning services that ensure the complete removal of all germs and bacteria that might cause diseases. The innocent-looking friends and family are guilty of introducing bacteria into the swimming pool.

The following sources also introduce germs and bacteria into the pool:

  • pets
  • foliage
  • insects
  • weather

Remember, it’s unsafe to use an unclean pool. Hire expert cleaners and pool technicians to provide the services that will keep your pool in the best condition. Weekly services might seem costly but that’s nothing compared to the expenses you have to pay when accidents occur or diseases afflict your loved ones. Therefore, look for a good and reliable pool cleaner today to begin offering weekly services.


5 Top Reasons for Assigning Pool Cleaning to Expert Cleaners

Cleaning the swimming pool is something that only experts should do. It’s normal for homeowners to do such tasks alone or to ask members of their families to lend a helping hand. However, experts guarantee the best results at all times. Swimming pools are great home improvement installations, but only if they benefit from regular expert cleaning and maintenance.

The swimming pool is one of the costliest installations or features in any home. Therefore, it has to be well maintained by people who know what they are doing. It needs the input of people who take care of pools for a living – rather than hobbyists or part-timers.  In any field, skilled and well trained professionals will always do a better job than untrained, inexperienced people.

The following are five reasons that justify leaving such a task to pool and construction experts.

Guaranteed Effective Cleaning

Professional cleaners guarantee effective cleaning at all times. Expert cleaners are experienced and well trained to handle issues that arise unexpectedly while cleaning the pool. For example, using certain cleaning agents is often a recipe for disaster. Some cleaning agents can never clean the pool as safely and thoroughly as they should. Expert cleaners eliminate such likelihoods.

Proper Balancing and Filtration

It’s important to clean the pool while balancing and filtrating water effectively. Unless you’re well trained in this area, you cannot do this well. Therefore, hire expert cleaners and assign this task to them. Balancing and filtrating water is essential for maintaining the pool water properly. The Southwest Florida experts know how to test and regulate pool water well.

They also check the filtration systems thoroughly to ensure that the pool water is safe for use.

Effective Pool Equipment Maintenance

Also, professional pool cleaners are renowned for their pool equipment maintenance skills. The pool needs various types of equipment to work well. These numerous equipment must remain in excellent condition at all times. The most common types of equipment include hoses, pipes, valves, and pumps. When well maintained, the equipment will keep the pool safe for everybody.

Enhances Pool Credibility

All swimming pools must maintain their credibility and integrity. One way of doing this is by allowing professional cleaners in Naples to work on the pool. It’s worth stating that pools are susceptible to all kinds of damages. Some of the damages are the result of unstable or horrible weather conditions. Pool inspection often precedes cleaning.

Thorough Pool Inspection

Expert cleaners are trained to inspect the pool thoroughly before cleaning it.

You can expect the best inspection services from expert pools SWFL cleaners. The cleaners have a reputation for creating unique products and solutions to each pool problem. They apply creative means for eradicating the most common pool problems. They are knowledgeable enough to offer their opinions and ideas on the many ways you can make your pool better.

Expert cleaners can also provide pool repair, installation, and replacement services.


Tips On Preventing and Curing Your Pool of Algae

One clear factor that something is not right with the health of your pool is color. Algae is an easy problem to see that doesn’t leave the best impression. Luckily, treatment is can be dealt with effectively. Here are some tips on how to treat your algae problems based on what color algae you have. Remember to always follow the manufacturers’ directions when using and storing any pool chemicals.

Green Algae

The most common of the culprits you will find is green algae. This alga appears most when you have low levels of pool sanitizer or poor water circulation. Some of the effects can include murky or cloudy waters but if left untreated can worsen to full obscurity and even staining the floors, walls, and steps of the pool. Not to fear, this is the easiest type of algae to cure. A simple increase of chlorine or an addition of algaecide can quickly remove any unwater algae. By maintaining proper chemical levels in the pool, you can help prevent green algae from ever forming.

Yellow Algae

This alga may be considered to be the peskiest and hardest to distinguish. In your standard blue water pool, your yellow algae may tend to look green, however, and easy way to help set them apart is the lack of murky or cloudy water. One problem pool owners often find themselves in is thinking their pool may just be covered with pollen or dirt when in actuality you may have a build up of yellow algae. The best way to check would be to scrub the walls and see if the stains return. Dirt or pollen will fall to the floors of a pool, while algae will stick back to the walls. The reason why it is so pesky, however, is because it can cultivate even in a well chemically balanced pool. If you find yourself the victim of yellow algae don’t worry, just add in a stronger chlorinator or algaecide that focuses specifically on yellow algae.

Black Algae

Black algae can appear in a few areas; where the plaster is etched or pitted and where calcium deposits have formed. It’s most easily identifiable as black dots that appear in these locations and can be removed through daily scrubbing from a steel brush. Make sure to tackle it as soon as possible because in severe cases contaminated black algae spots are untreatable and you can only help control it.

All in all, you can help keep algae away by maintaining both basic chemical and physical pool maintenance.

Chemical maintenance means your chlorine and pH levels are with the target ranges. The Model Aquatic Health Code provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states chlorine levels should range between 1-4 ppm pH should be 7.2-7.8 with the target goal being 7.4-7.6.

As you might have guessed, physical maintenance entails mostly of scrubbing and vacuuming the pool. Remember to clean the pump and skimmer baskets and to clean your pool filters. A stagnant pool can also lead to algae build up so try to operate your pumps and filters for 8-10 hours a day to keep a constant flow of water.

This article is based on “Tips and tricks for identifying and treating tough algae,” by Terry Arko in the March 2017 edition of The IPPSAN, a publication of the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, Inc.



4 Pool Maintenance Tips for Keeping Cool in Summer

One of the main features of summer is the scorching heat. Temperatures can rise to unimaginable levels. At such times, rushing to the pool for a bit of lounging and splashing around would be a great idea. The pool would not be so attractive if it remained dirty. Nobody would dare dive in even for a 5-second swim if the pool water looked dirty and unclear. There is a lot you can do during summer to keep a Southwest Florida pool clean, clear, and attractive.

The following are different pool maintenance measures for keeping cool in summer.

Balancing Chemicals

First, balance everything out nicely and perfectly. Water balance is the most important aspect of pool maintenance. Proper chlorination cannot take place without five balanced chemicals that are necessary for killing the bacteria and germs that often become a nautical nightmare. Balance the chemicals if you don’t want them to turn the pool into a hazardous place. Lack of proper balancing is likely to render your pool unsafe for use.

Protection with Vinyl Liners

All SWFL pool owners want their pools to be safe and attractive. Vinyl liners are the best supplies for achieving both objectives. They give the rough edges around your pool a safe lining. Apart from that, they also offer the personal touch that the pool needs. However, ensure that the liners do not grow old or get loose. Otherwise, they would become the perfect breeding grounds for insects and algae. Hire a technician to both inspect and replace the old or loose vinyl liners.

Covering Up

Pool covers provide the swimming pool with cost-efficient protection. Nothing works better than pool covers in keeping bugs and leaves out of the water at night. When this happens, you can be sure that you will spend less time cleaning the pool the next day. What many pool owners fail to realize is that pool covers also keep the water balance within the required levels. Although the covers are a one-time investment, they continue saving you a lot of money several years later.

Keeping it Clean

Regular cleaning is often overlooked despite being one of the most important elements in pool maintenance. Owners who lead busy schedules shouldn’t hesitate to hire professional pool cleaners if they are unable to do the work themselves. Pool cleaners and maintenance technicians are not as costly to hire as is commonly believed. In fact, cleaning the pool regularly (preferably weekly) ends up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Follow the above measures to keep your pool clean and ready for use all summer.