Keeping the Naples pool or spa clean has several benefits. For starters, it helps to keep the pool safe for everybody. Also, it eliminates all the hazards associated with dirty pools. To enjoy these benefits, you need a few essential supplies for cleaning swimming pools. Obviously, these supplies will not be necessary when you hire a professional cleaner. The reason for this is professional cleaners report for work with their supplies.


So, what are the four essential pool cleaning supplies worth investing in?

Water Testing Kits

The kits are mandatory for determining if the pool needs pH or Chlorine balancers. The kits are easy to use because they come with manuals containing instructions that are easy to follow. The instructions often revolve around using tubes to collect water. Thereafter, you drop a few chemicals inside the water. Use the water testing kits daily to confirm that the pool water is well balanced and clean. Ask the pool and construction experts for more information on these kits.


Although filters are great cleaning tools, they are incapable of doing some work. For example, they can never remove large debris, such as huge leaves, that fall into the pool water. Invest in a few top skimmers. Use the skimmers each morning to remove any debris that fell inside the pool the previous night. You don’t have to hire a professional cleaner to remove the debris with skimmers. Give these tools to your kids to use so they also have a sense of ownership.

Shock Products

Shock products are among some of the most essential pool cleaning supplies in any Naples home. At times, the pool water requires a bit of a shock. Even if the chemical and water testing kits reveal that the levels of pH and chlorine in the pool are not worth fretting over, you should not hesitate to shock the pool water as required. The right time for shocking the pool water is right at the beginning of each new season. Additional shocking is essential in case:

  1. an accident occurs
  2. algae appears


Skimmers help in keeping the surface of the pool water clean. Vacuums, on the other hand, are ideal for cleaning and removing all dirt that finds its way to the bottom of the pool. However, learn how to use the vacuums first. There is a right technique for using them. Start vacuuming from the deep end before making your way to the shallow end. Move the vacuum slowly from one row to the next.

Start from the back to the front, before going from the front to the back. Repeat this technique.