One of the main features of summer is the scorching heat. Temperatures can rise to unimaginable levels. At such times, rushing to the pool for a bit of lounging and splashing around would be a great idea. The pool would not be so attractive if it remained dirty. Nobody would dare dive in even for a 5-second swim if the pool water looked dirty and unclear. There is a lot you can do during summer to keep a Southwest Florida pool clean, clear, and attractive.

The following are different pool maintenance measures for keeping cool in summer.


Balancing Chemicals

First, balance everything out nicely and perfectly. Water balance is the most important aspect of pool maintenance. Proper chlorination cannot take place without five balanced chemicals that are necessary for killing the bacteria and germs that often become a nautical nightmare. Balance the chemicals if you don’t want them to turn the pool into a hazardous place. Lack of proper balancing is likely to render your pool unsafe for use.

Protection with Vinyl Liners

All SWFL pool owners want their pools to be safe and attractive. Vinyl liners are the best supplies for achieving both objectives. They give the rough edges around your pool a safe lining. Apart from that, they also offer the personal touch that the pool needs. However, ensure that the liners do not grow old or get loose. Otherwise, they would become the perfect breeding grounds for insects and algae. Hire a technician to both inspect and replace the old or loose vinyl liners.

Covering Up

Pool covers provide the swimming pool with cost-efficient protection. Nothing works better than pool covers in keeping bugs and leaves out of the water at night. When this happens, you can be sure that you will spend less time cleaning the pool the next day. What many pool owners fail to realize is that pool covers also keep the water balance within the required levels. Although the covers are a one-time investment, they continue saving you a lot of money several years later.

Keeping it Clean

Regular cleaning is often overlooked despite being one of the most important elements in pool maintenance. Owners who lead busy schedules shouldn’t hesitate to hire professional pool cleaners if they are unable to do the work themselves. Pool cleaners and maintenance technicians are not as costly to hire as is commonly believed. In fact, cleaning the pool regularly (preferably weekly) ends up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

pool skimmer

Follow the above measures to keep your pool clean and ready for use all summer.