Commercial Pool Design and Construction

Here at Pinnacle USA, Inc. we design and construct many commercial pools, spas, & fountains every year along Florida’s Gulf Coast! Whether it be a community pool for a new housing development, apartment complex, local municipality, or hotel pool & spa, Pinnacle USA continues to push the envelope of what’s possible for our commercial partners. At Pinnacle USA we are proud to say that we have the experience it takes to give you the extraordinary pool of your clients dreams. Each commercial project is unique, and Pinnacle has a dedicated commercial team to design, engineer, build, and maintain your next commercial project.

A lot goes Into the Design, when it comes to a commercial pool design you should always leave it up to the professionals! Our dedicated commercial team is ready to help you bring your business or client’s vision to life. Designing commercial projects from concepts to permitting is all done under Pinnacle’s roof.

Commercial pool & Spa features

Listed below are some features that complement commercial pools & spas, click the links to view these features in our gallery.


The construction process is where Pinnacle really continues to push the pool industries standard of excellence. Most commercial pools are very complex, and this is where experience is needed! At Pinnacle USA, Inc. our expert team can handle any commercial project, from renovations, equipment installation/upgrades, and new construction. Our results always speak for themselves.

Whether you’d like to add unique water features, upgrade equipment, or build a one-of-a-kind commercial pool design, Pinnacle USA is here to assist! Contact Pinnacle USA today at (239) 734-3443

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