Do you think your backyard is too small for a swimming pool? Naples pool construction experts say that it is possible to install a swimming pool in a small space with a good design. While a small pool may have limitation such as not being able to do laps, it is still a source of much pleasure for the family. How can you have a swimming pool in a constricted space?


Consult a professional

There are many considerations that go into building a swimming pool. Engineering and building codes have to be followed. Regulations on neighboring property, pool fence compliance and so on have to be followed. If you are building it indoors, it is recommended to have an interior designer have a say on how best to place the pool.

Decide on the building material

You can choose between fiberglass and gunite. Fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated and are easy to install. They are also cheaper than gunite. Naples spa construction professionals say that the spa seats in a fiberglass pool are more comfortable than the harder gunite. The main limitation for a fiberglass pool is that the fixed shape can make it impossible to install in irregularly shaped space.

Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement, and water that makes especially hardened concrete. A gunite swimming pool can be designed in an irregular shape. This material will also last longer than fiberglass.

Measure for size

Building in a small space is tricky. The pool must be large enough to be functional and yet fit the space such that it does not dominate. The pool must also blend into place to fit with the style of the home.

The positioning of the pool must be done carefully. Ideally, you want the pool in a position that will get sunshine the whole day long. You will also have to consider the neighboring property.  An allowance of at least 1 meter from the fence is appropriate.

Our engineers work with CAD design programs in order to accurately design a pool that’s just fit for you.


The key to a beautiful small pool is well thought out design. Space will limit any landscaping project. But you can still accessorize with underwater lighting. If the pool is outdoors, consider installing a solar cover which will save you money on energy bills and also provide protection. Get in touch with one of our engineers today and get started on your design.

Get inspired

SWFL pool construction pros say that there are many building magazines you can go through for inspiration. However, the best investment you can make when building a small pool is bringing in the experts. They will know the best pool to install in the small space available. Take a look at some of our job examples and get inspired.