Why Keep Ducks Out of Pools?

The main reason to keep ducks out of pools is that of all the possible germs they could bring to your safe water. From tracking in bacteria to even diseases, there is no need to keep these pesky uninvited guests around. There are a few easy tricks to scare ducks away and keep them out of your pool.

pools and ducks

How to Keep Ducks Out of a Pool

  • Inflatable Alligator in Pool

  • Solar Pool Cover or Leaf Net Cover

  • Cables or Cords Across the Pool

  • Floating Gazing Orbs or Mylar Balloons

  • Screen Enclosure

How to Scare Ducks from a Pool

  • Laser Pointer

  • Garden Hose, Super Soaker

  • Whistle, Air Horn, Loud Music

  • Barking Dogs, Swimming Dogs

Ducks hate dogs and vice versa. Dogs are one of the duck’s natural predators, and their bark alone will scare them away. This is more of a reactive method than a prevention method, but it does the trick. Hopefully, your dog(s) can see the ducks in order to bark from inside the house.

Source: How to Keep Ducks Out of the Pool

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