SWFL spa construction experts say a swimming pool can harbor all kinds of nasty bugs and parasites if it is not cared for. A clean pool has an aesthetic appeal and provides a pleasurable experience just as intended. Pool experts say there are simple tips you can apply to keep your pool trouble free.

Regular maintenance tasks

It is highly recommended that you install a pool cover. It will reduce cleaning work by as much as 70%. If you don’t have a pool cover, you should schedule pool skimming every 3 days. This keeps the water free of falling leaves and wind-blown debris.

You can make work easier by installing an automatic pool cleaner to clean the pool floor and walls. Clean the filters every 2 weeks by taking them out and hosing them using a pressure hose.


SWFL pool construction experts say the easiest way of keeping the pool sanitized is by using chemical sanitizers. They come in form of granules, pellets, and powder. You can drop directly into the water or use a pool dispenser for slower dispersal.  For a large pool consider using a chlorinator.

The killing effects of chemical sanitizers wear away with time. That is why you need to add shock to extend the sanitizing effects of chlorine or bromine. For a standard sized pool, you should mix I pound of granular shock with 2.5 gallons of water and pour the mixture into different parts of the pond.

Adjusting pH levels

The water should remain at the right pH such that it is neither acidic nor too alkaline. Acidic pH is between 1—7. Alkaline pH levels are beyond 7. When the water is too acidic it irritates the eyes, nose, and skin. It also corrodes pool equipment. When the water is too alkaline, it encourages algae growth which makes it turn greenish.

Clearing green water

Water will turn green when the pH levels are in the alkaline levels. It is a sign that there are high levels of fungi and algae in the water. But high levels of copper in the water can also give it a greenish hue. This is common with ion sanitized pools. Algae and fungi in the water can be killed using a water sanitizer like chlorine. Add the chlorine until the water is clear again.

Pool and spa construction experts say that algae and fungi can also be eliminated using natural moss. The moss preys on the fungi and algae. This is slower but keeps the pool comfortable by avoiding chemical sanitizers which are irritating.